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T2 Tea

T2 Five - Gift Boxes

Nothing says classic like these five T2 friends! They’re the must haves every tea lover needs on hand, from timeless black teas to life-of-the-party fruits, easy-going greens and healing herbals, these are the brews that made us a staple on tea tables around the world.

What's in the Faves box?

Contains 5 x Loose Leaf Tea/Tisane Mini Cubes:
  • French Earl Grey (30g)
  • Fruitalicious (40g)
  • Green Rose (25g)
  • Melbourne Breakfast (30g)
  • Sleep Tight (15g)

What's in the Green box?

Contains 5 x Loose Leaf Tea Mini Cubes:

  • Beauty Queen (20g)
  • China Jasmine (30g)
  • Gorgeous Geisha (25g)
  • Green Rose (25g)
  • Jade Mountain (40g)

What's in the Herbal box?

Contains 5 x Loose Leaf Tisane Mini Cubes:

  • Detox (20g)
  • Just Peppermint (15g)
  • Lemongrass & Ginger (25g)
  • Sleep Tight (15g)
  • Tummy Tea (20g)

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